Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

Welcome to Tremendous!

This handbook contains core documentation about who we are and how we operate. It should be helpful to new hires and prospective candidates alike.

Note that these are just the highlights. Our internal knowledge base is far more robust, with hundreds of documents covering core aspects of how we work. We’ve got an entire database of company plans and strategies, for example.


We help organizations pay people

Took us a decade, but we got here

Autonomy, intentionality, rationality

Everyone who works here, with pics and bios

Team pics


What we offer working here

Equity philosophy, plan, and logistics.

How unlimited PTO works in practice

Take US or local holidays, up to you

How we do offsites

We believe in paying well

Act in the company's best interest

Our DE&I philosophy and approach.

Structured but informal performance feedback

We’re a workplace focused on work

How we work

Our remote-first work environment

We keep a high bar for work quality

Default to making info widely available

Share your work early and often

Use meetings mindfully

How instant messaging works in our semi-async environment.

Writing is a superpower that can be learned

Understand, design, build