Compensation Policy


  • We think making Tremendous successful means attracting and retaining great people.
  • We think that all full-time workers should participate in the financial upside when Tremendous is successful.
  • We believe employees should be compensated by their contributions, rather than by strict measures like seniority or tenure.
  • We think that contributions shouldn't be measured by how loudly they are touted, and that the behind-the-scenes work is just as critical as the work on the front lines.
  • We don't think you should have to get a competing offer to get a raise.
  • We want the compensation adjustment process to be transparent and fair.


We pay above market

  • We pay above-market comp for startups of similar size and stage.
    • We use data from Pave, AngelList, etc to determine market.
  • We pay localized salaries right now, which means that "market comp" is influenced by where you live.

We give full-timers equity

  • If you work full-time at Tremendous, barring any logistical issues, you'll get equity in the company.

We review comp every 6 months

  • In January and July, the leadership team will review comp levels for eligible employees. You do not have to ask for a raise.
  • Your comp is eligible for review if you’ve been at the company for at least 9 months and you did not receive a raise during the last review cycle.
    • If you’ve been at the company for only 9-11 months, you’re less likely to receive a raise during your first review cycle simply because we haven’t had as much time to assess your performance.
  • The process:
    • We'll review your performance. This might require talking to your manager/peers.
    • We'll look at your current comp level vs. market
    • Nick and Kapil will make the final call.

We'll give you a raise for:

  • Performance. Basically, if you're exceeding expectations for your role.
  • A role change. This is usually because you're doing a different role than the one you are being compensated for.
  • Market salaries have gone up. This is infrequent.

Your raise might come in the form of:

  • A salary increase.
    • These will go into effect the pay cycle after the decision.
  • An equity bump.
    • These are new equity grants. They follow a standard 4-year vesting schedule.

A note on compensation policy for roles with commission:

  • With roles that include commission (e.g. sales), over-performance typically results in higher pay due to Tremendous having uncapped commissions.
  • That said, we still do adjustments based on market rates.
    • OTE would go up as a combination of base and variable (e.g. quota would increase) as we typically structure roles with some ratio of base and variable in mind (e.g. AEs are at 50% base / 50% variable for OTE).
  • These team members are eligible for equity refreshes like any other Tremendous employee.