Default off

Holidays at Tremendous are "default off," meaning that the expectation is that you won't be working on a holiday and you do not need to ask permission from your manager.

Local vs. US holidays

Tremendous has a growing global team, and our goal is to respect everyone's local customs and preferences on holidays to the greatest extent possible. As such, we offer two options for celebrating holidays.

Option 1: Take your local holidays

You can use the federal/local holiday schedule in your region as your holiday calendar. For the most part, we will defer to your judgment on what holidays are typically given in your area. As a critical mass forms in a given country (see the US holiday calendar below), we will work with the team in that country to define a holiday calendar so everyone can be on same page.

If you are taking a non-US holiday, please inform your manager and team at least 2 weeks ahead of time that a holiday is coming up, and then block your calendar as Out of Office. You do not need to ask permission to take that day off.

While US holidays may be quieter than most, the expectation if you choose this schedule is that you will be working when much of the US team is not.

Option 2: Take US Holidays

Since the majority of the team resides in the US, all team members globally can opt to follow the US holiday schedule instead of their local holiday schedule.

Religious holidays

Team members are encouraged to take off religious holidays. As with Option 1 above, please inform your manager/team 2 weeks ahead of time and block your calendar.

Holiday calendars

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ US 2024

  • New Yearโ€™s Day (Jan 1)
  • Martin Luther King Day (Jan 15)
  • Presidents' Day (Feb 19)
  • Memorial Day (May 27)
  • Juneteenth (Jun 19)
  • Independence Day (Jul 4)
  • Labor Day (Sept 2)
  • Thanksgiving (Nov 28)
  • Day after Thanksgiving (Nov 29)
  • Christmas (Dec 25)

๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ท BR 2024

  • New Yearโ€™s Day (Jan 1)
  • Carnival (Feb 12, Feb 13, Feb 14)
  • Easter (Mar 29)
  • Tiradentes Day (Apr 21)
  • Labor's Day (May 1)
  • Corpus Christi (May 30)
  • Independence Day (Sep 7)
  • Our Lady of Aparecida (Oct 12)
  • All Soul's Day (Nov 2)
  • Republic Proclamation Day (Nov 15)
  • Christmas (Dec 25)